Suffering from Anxiety?

This Audio Book is the answer...

Now Free from Anxiety

a comprehensive system to

overcome Anxiety!

Comprehensive guide

to heal anxiety,
giving you simple steps to overcome anxiety and
heal your life

Overcome Anxiety
Without Using Medication

Reclaim Your Life

Learning the Simple Steps. You Will Learn to Start Your New Anxiety Free Life!

Calm Racing Thoughts

Using Mindfulness and Yogic Breathing Techniques. You will Learn How to Calm Your Mind & Emotions

Relax and Sleep Well

Following the Practices, You Will Get a Great Nights Sleep and Learn How to Relax and Stop a Panic Attack

Now Free from Anxiety will give you simple steps to...

Dr. Caitilin de Bérigny — Founder & CEO.

Learn how to master your mind and find peace in any situation.

Using the tools in this book, you will be able to take hold of your emotions & maintain peace.

With simple steps you can use to sleep well and relax.

You will learn how to understand your nervous system and alleviate panic attacks by shifting into your parasympathetic or rest and digest nervous state.

What Our Clients Have to Say...

Now Free from Anxiety gave me the tools I need to stop racing thoughts and calm my mind and emotions.
Nick Buotempo
From WA, Australia
Now Free from Anxiety gives a grounded and accessible approach.
Freya Zinofvieff
From Vancover, Canada
I find this book timely and insightful, especially now as we enter this Covid-19 generation.
Rebekah Aralluo
From Australia
Now Free from Anxiety skillfully weaves my favourite spiritual anchors: mindfulness, yoga and breathing, into a caring and accessible program for  anxiety recovery.
Maggie Price
From London, UK

Here's what people are saying...

Rebekah Aralluo CEO & Found Verimus

Drawing from ancient spiritual practices
in mindfulness, yoga and meditation,
this book gives you
simple exercises
to break free from anxiety!

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Now Free from Anxiety

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